About Service Solutions

Service Solutions is about customer service and aims at helping organizations in optimizing costs, setting-up & outsourcing operations, improving the quality & efficiency of service.

We are performance oriented professionals with broad & in-depth knowledge of business issues and a deep understanding of specific industries like telecom, banking & financial services, retail and hospitality in particular.

At Service Solutions, we aim to add value through strategic participation in organizational KPIs & operational management, enabling better focus on specific operational challenges, to which we bring our expertise.

We also focus on optimizing operational performance, by providing external expertise, outsourcing & ‘solution finding’ that aims to deliver on efficiency combined with service quality.

We understand & provide relevant information on operations (in the context needed) giving organizations the ‘best practice’ recommendations needed improve and maintain service quality. As a logical next step we provide support on Process analysis & feedback, as well as partnering you on implementing the changes & improvements going forward.

Service Solutions started in 2007 with Practices Consulting Initiative focusing on three key aspects-

  • Service as a strategy for business edge
  • Service as a tool for customer relationships
  • Service as the core of all operational nuts & bolts that drive efficiency

Service Solutions has successfully consulted organizations on service strategy, budgeting, forecasting, optimizing operations, quality & training in India, Far East & Middle East.

The Service Solutions Management Team

Service Solutions is represented by Arti Prakash (Investing Partner) and Vijay Jassal (Managing Partner).

Arti has more than 22 years of experience across geographies in varied industries. She has successfully managed service at key management positions across Telecom, Financial Services, BPO & Hospitality in past employments. During her tenure as Vice President of Customer Service for the world’s largest financial service & telecom companies, her leadership was instrumental in creating and implementing a common vision, mission, strategy and processes across the country’s various service channels. She managed and delivered key organization initiatives in Outsourcing & Automation projects in her job assignments. Her passion is to design Service as the core of Business strategy. Her key areas of specialization are Service & Business strategy, planning Service Delivery via contact centre & alternate channels & service quality.

Vijay brings with him 16 years of experience to Service Solutions. He has successfully managed customer service roles at senior positions in Telecom & Hospitality. His tenure brings with him, the art of managing large & transaction oriented operations with the finesse in serving end customers through effective operational conceptualization, implementation and overall management. He has always effectively used the organization’s frontline to build equity with the organization’s customers and hence developed people management as a core strength. His skills in planning implementation and overall management have been honed in managing large & fast growing service sector that has both a mass & HNI customer base. The understanding of end to end delivery in service processes, contact center & support operations are his key strengths.