Service Strategy
Focuses at setting up the strategic & policy level framework by defining the

  • Service Processes
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Policy yardstick
  • Elaborating the intended Quality standards

Process Design & Re-engineering
Designing key processes and defining the appropriate standards for all key processes like Acquisition, Billing & Service, UAT, Call centre, Quality, Training, Back Office, Collection, Retention, etc.

We also re-engineer existing processes. This is done through an inclusive approach by taking individual feedback and facilitating the right platform for all the key stake holders, this is essentially required to ensure that processes deliver the expectations.

Study existing operations to provide insights & intelligent solutions. Some of the common challenges are mentioned below:

  • Increase Revenue In Contact Center
  • FCR (First Call Resolution) & OCR (On Call Resolution) analysis
  • Cut Costs But Maintain Service Levels
  • Fix Service Levels
  • Improve Workforce Management
  • Get to the Next Level
  • Workflow design analysis

Market Research
The objective is to audit & measure performance as well as analyse it for improvement or alignment need in either the design or practice. It entails an extensive internal and external analysis.

  • Benchmarking
  • Focussed Groups
  • Mystery Audits for Self, Competition & Best In class
Service Solutions is a Silver Member of Mystery Shopping Providers Association, USA (MSPA)

Management Development Program
We undertake the journey of transformation for the organizations which have grown to a size that now requires “Processes” to take over rather than individual’s attention. It requires a step-by-step approach to build an objective performance oriented culture.

  • Setting up Performance Management System
  • Organizational alignment of the middle management
  • Imparting basic communication and self-organizing skills


Scope & design of service related technology which is intelligent and scale proof.

IVR design

  • Intuitive design
  • Increase IVR usage
  • Dimensioning service automation

CRM design

  • A single screen design
  • Designing optimal integration with peripheral systems
  • Designing frontline empowering features
  • Dimensioning service automation

Web Self Help design

  • End-to-end automation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Designing optimal integration with peripheral systems
  • Designing features to enhance stickiness

Performance Management System

  • Effective design to objectively evaluate and indicate performance
  • Integration design with peripheral systems
  • Single screen view for end-users