Service Solutions Methodology

Service Solutions uses an in-house developed six stage methodology I(DA)2T (Pronounced as: IDEATE)

This round serves to establish the framework of the project. At this stage, the Functional Consultant team expects to establish the client's objectives, the Assignment objectives and the Assignment plan.

Broad areas that will be covered in the course of discussions and via questionnaires will be:

  • What does the customer want?
  • What is the organization's strategy?
  • What is the approach to Service and expectations?
The purpose is to gain a deep understanding of how the organization's internal and external environment interplays with its initiatives.

The round has a Study & Analyze approach. The key activities that will be carried out are:
  • Data Collection: This involves, understanding on-ground and in detail the services implemented / planned to be implemented. Multiple methods will be used including interviews one on one, interviews one to group, questionnaires, document inspection, MIS & Data study, observation and walk through. This will also involve actually utilizing the services of the organization as a customer, throughout the project as and when necessary, to gain first hand customer experience.
  • Analyze Business Flow and Process Flow: This is to analyze and interpret the study findings to conclude on design, processes and resources for the solution.
In this round, Service Solutions will assess the best fit design solution based on the assessment from conclusions drawn during the Interact & Discover rounds.
We will work with customer's core team through brainstorming sessions to create broad level solutions.

The activities in this stage are:

  • Business Complexity: Discussing the business framework & complexities to ensure deliverables are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)
  • Prioritize: The core and extended teams from the organization will participate in prioritization discussion.
  • Identify requirements: The requirements (Information & Data, Infrastructure & Facilities, People, Processes and procedures etc.) for the intended solutions design will be discussed.
  • Identify responsibilities: At this stage, responsibilities and their allocation between the organization and Service Solutions.

In this round, Service Solutions will make their recommendations and the solutions will be proposed.
The activities in this stage shall include:
  • Propose Design & Solutions: The solutions will be put forward by Consultants. Customer gets a clear understanding on how each solution will work as well as a clear understand of roles and responsibilities that will be allocated the organization‟s core team & Service Solutions to design, develop, finalize, implement and review the solution.
  • Understanding the solutions: During this period organization's core team will internally discuss the proposed solutions and highlight doubts for clarifications.
  • Detailing and Finalizing: This will be a period where the Service Solutions creates detailed design & solutions meant for implementation.
Finally agree to the solutions provided and sign off the final solutions.

This round will involve handing over the initiatives / solutions relevant documents.
  • Orientation: This period will consist of detailed discussions, orientation and on-boarding sessions from Service Solutions to the customer.
  • Documentation: Service Solutions will handover design & roadmaps documents and await clarifications, if any, in the budgeted time.