Interaction audits
Useful for organizations who have very large outsourced partners, and want to control the quality and post training output without maintaining a team of people for the same. The program is devised to impart a qualitative approach to the core customer touchdown.

  • Audit across channels : Voice, Written, IVR, SMS
  • Customer experience : Taking direct feedback from the customer as a third party

Mystery audits
Customized programs to meet your needs for understanding delivery from an end-customer’s experience. The audits are followed by an in-depth analysis and clear action points to ensure tangible gains.

  • Overall service experience audit
  • Infrastructure audit
  • Service Compliance audit

Customer Life Cycle Management
Defining end to end customer touch point and auditing each interaction for compliance and further improvement. We help you at various stages of customer life cycle :

  • Acquisition : Sales audit, End-to-End documentation including pickup, scanning, storage & retrieval, verification
  • On-boarding : Welcome visits, Welcome calls, Cross sell, Up sell
  • Collections : Payment pickups
  • Retention : Analysing churn, On call & field retention

To compare a specific thing with competition, usually done during launch or revamping, one time activity or less frequent. After establishing an internal organisational goal/benchmark, compare competition vis-à-vis your benchmarks.