Training & Workshops

Training Duration Training Content
Presentation Skills 15 hours 1. Factors that create impact in Face- to-Face Presentations
2. Non Verbal Communication: Posture, Movement, Gestures
3. Using Body Language in Presentations
4. The process of Preparing Effective Presentations
5. Determining the Strategy and Objective's of a Presentation
6. Creating the Outline of a Presentation
7. Organizing and Presenting your ideas in an Impact way
8. Starting Successfully: How to Begin a Presentation
9. Techniques for Concluding a Presentation with impact
10. Developing and Using effective Visual Aids
11. Performance and Voice Modulation 12. Controlling Speaking Stress and Fear
13. Handling the Question – Answer Session
14. Creating the balance between tools and technology
15. Dealing with Presentation Disasters
Customer Handling Skills 40 hours 1. Initiating a customer focus
2. How to introduce the customer service programme
3. Generating commitment
4. How to generate commitment to the introduction of a customer service focus
5. Where does customer service fit in?
6. What do we offer our customers?
7. How to define the team's service niches and service characteristics
8. Seeking customer feedback
9. How to find out what customers want and how they see you
10. Best practice benchmarking
11. Creating a positive image
12. Getting the message across
13. To learn how to communicate with your customers
14. Dealing with difficult customers
15. How to learn how to deal with problem or difficult customers
16. How to make customer service a way of life


Workshop Particulars
Management Development Program A highly focused and objective driven intensive program. Especially beneficial for :
- Aspiring team members with potential whom the organisation want to groom for the next level
- Organizations wanting to setup a formal Performance Review Mechanism

The duration of this workshop is generally 2 days, at an offsite location
Development Centre A workshop to identify succession capabilities within the team
Especially beneficial organically grown organizations now looking for succession capabilities within the team, as it tests the following for each participant :
- Operations Skill,
- Team Work,
- Decision making,
- Leadership Quality,
- Business Orientation,
- Psychometric Profiling

The duration of this workshop is generally 2 days, at an offsite location
Team Building A workshop meant to bond different teams in the organisation.
The participants are put through various activities and discussions on real life bottlenecks to emerge as a unified single vision group after the workshop.

The duration of this workshop is generally 2 days, at an offsite location

Customer Handling Skills It is about bringing the entire organization on the same page of customer service through an intensive workshop.

The workshop is highly focused and the output is very clear and tangible solutions to the problems faced by various departments.
After an intense inter-departmental brainstorming session clear actionables are drawn and responsibilities are assigned.
The finally agreed outcomes are then presented to the Business Head / Decision Maker who moderates & okays the action plans.
These actionables are then monitored by us from the outside and workshoped again at regular intervals.

This is a medium term initative (6 to 9 Months).